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HoW i DeAl

hey, this is like BLAHHHHHH just need a new place to put it....songs poetry all by me or my friends!

Hey everyone Zach wrote this song for me and it's soooo cute! it's not the whole thing but it's enough!
she kicks the best shit out of me"
 that girl.....she's fine......back there in the mini skirt.
she blows....my mind.....she knows how to make me hurt and....i'd have her if i could, oooowayoooo.....she kicks my ass so good, oooowayooooo
 she slaps....my face......i bite her hand its ok.
we kick.....and fight.....thats just the way we play and....i'd have her if i could, oooowayoooo.....she kicks my ass so good, oooowayooooo!!
 there are no girls just like her,  we always have such fun cuz,  we kick eachothers asses, think she might be the one cuz...........she kicks the best shit out of me!

i wrote this for zach lol
Late at night.. a long long time ago,
 i drempt... and thought... about some one i didnt even know!
Some to laugh... and play... and make fun of me
Some one who was the kinda person i wanted to be!
pirates and punk, screw your barbie dolls
who needs drugs when you have bouney balls
i wanna have fun again just like i knew i would back then
 You make me laugh til my stomach hurts and i wanna cry
i hope i laugh like this til the day that i die!
years and days have gone by, and your still laughing at me
your the kidna person i always wanted to be!!!

if you have anything you would like to put up let me know!