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I found somethings, i think are kinda funny, suggestions on sex, things to make you feel better about your life...you know what a read is...well anyway i have put a few on here for you to enjoy...don't forget to let me know what you think!

Are you having a bad day? Let me try to cheer you up!
You having a bad day....it could be worse and if you think it could just think....What if you were a SIAMESE TWIN, and you brother is attached to your head...makes you think twice huh...well think about this...what if they we're gay...and you aren't....and they have a date firday night...and if you still think your life is worse...You two share the same ass! feeling a little better about your sad pathtic life now are you!

What I think it's actually kinda funny!


You Have just got to check out this web page http://www.kwiz.biz/showquiz.php?quizid=26 what you do is type in your name your age and male or female and it tells you how high your sex drive it...it's funny!
Natallia,17,female is mine and my sex drive is 76%!

Finally SOME ONE can explain IT!
Guys are born with a fundamental, genetically transmitted mental condition known to psychologists as: The Fear That If You Get Attached to a Woman, Some unattached Guy, Somewhere, Will Be Having More Fun than You.

This is why all married guys assume that all unmarried guys lead lives of constant excitement!!! They were some how lead to believe that this single life  Involved hot tubs full of naked international fashion models; whereas in fact for most unmarried guys, the climax of the typical evening is watching an infomercial for Hair-in-a-Spray can while eating onion dip straight from the container.

(This is also true of married guys,although statistically they are far more likely to be using a spoon.)

So guys are extremely reluctant to make commitments, or even to take any steps that might lead to commitment. This is why, when a guy goes out on a date with a woman and finds himself really liking her, he often will demonstrate his affection by avoiding her for the rest of his life.

Women are puzzled by this, "I don't understand," they say, "We had such a great time! Why doesn't he call?"

The reason is that the guy, using the linear guy thought process, has realized that if he takes her out again, he'll probably like her even more, so he'll take her out again, and eventually they'll fall in love with each other, and they'll get married, and they'll have children, and then they'll have grandchildren, and eventually they'll retire and take a trip round the world, and they'll be walking hand-in-hand on some spectacular beach in the South Pacific, reminiscing about the lifetime of experiences they've shared together, and then several naked international fashion models will walk up and invite him to join them in a hot tub, and he won't be able to do it:))
and this is why guys have commitment issues!

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