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Shoutouts to My Friends

You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

Zach-Whats up? Your first because i'm talking to you as i make my page, you rock! as if you didn't know that! AND showering is totally over rated, but no for really yo, your like one of the last people i talk to for colorado still, you kick ass and your gonna stay that way...i'm getting good at the trumpet for out ska band!!!
Ryan- Hey kid, i miss you soo much, and i can't wait to see you again, i'm just going to latch myself onto you and never let go of you again! i miss you more then i could ever explain, your not just any guy to me, you get me, you understand me and you make me smile! i miss you and love you!
Alex- umm not much to say anymore, we used to be tight when we were in school togther, and you put notes in my locker, you made me feel so specail and i had such a crush on you! lol your so tight never change!
Mike- i haven't seen you in a grip, i will always consider you a good friend, your hot, your nice, your like the perfect guy!  i love ya and that will never change so do me a fav and never change yourself! you rock!
Tony D- Hey kid just wanted to say how much i look up to you, you were always such a good friend, good luck to you kido!
Jason G- your such a sweetie, we never really dated but we sure did dance around the idea alot didn't we, i had a major chrush on you and you were so sweet for coming and siting with me after my accident, i miss ya never change!
adam- i miss what we once had, we used to be able to talk forever! you were a great friend, remember that night we got really drunk, i had fun lol i miss ya never change!

Jessy- whats up theres so much to say, your crazy never change, and we'll never really get along, lol have fun!
rae- i was scared when i heard you were inan accident stay strong i'm glad your okay! i love you and i love that were friends again your such a hopping chick i love you!
tiffany- your crazy i love ya, have fun you dam cheerleader, but no i'm gonna be nice cause your stronger then me, btw i never forgot you crashing my car...lol jp! il ove ya
Britney- Your asuome i had a fucking blast at fat city until they plotted to fire us all! lol the orange van with the porn lol wow! thats all i can say
kendall- i love you, your so sweet just not at first i'm gonna miss you tons i hope we stay friends sweetie!
jessic..or jail bait! lol i hate that they call you that but at least they relieze your a kid....i wish they got that about me! your way cool, i loved hangin  out with you, gave me a chace to  have fun and not worry so much!
Jarod- wow good luck to you, your a great person we just don't get along, have a nice life
Josh- there so much to say that should never be said, i was so in ahhh with you, i miss you, i'm glad we stayed friends after the break up i don't think i could go on with out you as a friend your a great guy i love ya!
Dan- Last but diffitley not least, your the reason me and josh broke up your the reason i'm sittin in az in our home with our cat, i love you!